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At PCC we focus on finding the route cause of our patient’s injury and tailor their treatment plan to prevent it from re-occurring in the future. We combine various forms of therapy in our treatment plans in order to optimize patient's results. Our goal is to change the health care industry’s use of treatment to a proactive and preventative system where patients have regular functional assessments and treatment BEFORE they experience any sort of pain or restriction.

Below is a comprehensive list of services we provide.

Medical Acupuncture

Fine solid needles are inserted into anatomically defined neurofunctional sites along the meridians. It is then stimulated with electrical current for the therapeutic purpose of modulating abnormal activity of the nervous system.


Functional Integrated Needling

Differs from medical acupuncture in that it does not use meridians. The needles are inserted into specific anatomic structures to promote blood flow; in turn decreasing muscle tension and pain.

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Dr. Amanda Scione


Proud owner and chiropractor with over a decade of experience treating all conditions related to muscle, joint, spine and nerves.


Dr. Natasha Labana


Dr. Natasha uses an evidence based approach to her care involving her clinical experiences, current research and patient preferences. Education and empowerment are a large part of her practice, which enables patients to reach their health and wellness goals. 


Dr. Adrienne Cascioli


Specializing in the pediatric population she can assist with overall developmental milestones, improving latch and assisting with infant TMJD, body work for lip and tongue-tie, torticollis, plagiocephaly, as well as sensory and motor challenges.


Nevin Buligan

Registered Massage Therapist

Nevin uses his massage therapy instructor experience to help guide his own practice. He is passionate about cupping and acupuncture and harmoniously incoprorates them into his practice.


Haley Fitzpatrick

Physiotherapist/Pelvic Health

Haley utilizes a variety of techniques, such as hands-on manual therapy, patient education, acupuncture and exercise prescription, to help her patients attain their goals. 


Michelle Laviolette

Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Michelle's management initiatives include gait retraining, home based programs,
custom made orthotics, custom knee bracing, compression stockings, and shoe modifications.



Ashley Kish

Administrative Assistant

 Ashley is the clinic's virtual administrative assistant and daily operations support. Ashley answers all clinic phone calls, text, emails. billing and insurance questions.  answers all clinic phone calls, text, emails. billing and insurance questions. 

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Kaylin Huctwith

Registered Massage Therapist

Kaylin has experience working with a wide variety of patients such as athletes, rehabilitation, pregnancy and postnatal populations.


Amanda has been a life-saver for me! She's been my therapist for years now.

My athletic background is in CrossFit, but I love running as well. I found her when I was having issues with my shoulders. She helped me get my strength back, as well as gave me exercises to do in order to keep strong and fit. She understands CrossFit and provided extensive information that made me feel confident going back into the gym. Now, over the years, she has supported me with so many aspects of health. She re-aligned my hips and opened up my back - a lot changes after two babies! My husband had a skiing accident, and she provided treatment for his concussion. And most recently, I had meniscectomy and ACL reconstruction surgeries. I was so thankful to see her pre and post surgery. Her treatment approach included decreasing pain, while increasing mobility and muscle recruitment. It is remarkable at how fast she was able to get me back on my feet. It is always a relief walking out of her office! I refer many people to Amanda, because I love her style and approach to health and wellness - she is knowledgeable, holistic and gets to back to your life quickly and safely.

S. Stakel

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