At PCC we focuse on finding the route cause of our patient’s injury and develop a tailored treatment plan to prevent it from re-occurring in the future. We integrate a combination of various therapies our treatment plans in order to optimize patient's results. Her goal is to change the health care industry’s use of Chiropractic to a proactive and preventative system where patients have regular functional assessments and treatment BEFORE they experience any sort of pain or restriction.

Below is a comprehensive list of services we provide.


Dr. Amanda Scione

Dr. Amanda was born and raised in Ancaster Ontario where she developed an interest in athletics and wellness at a young age. In the early years she was a dancer but then traded in her ballet slippers for some basketball sneakers. She played elite levels of basketball, soccer, and track. As a chiropractor her underlying passion for hockey is evident in her patient population as she takes a special interest in performance treatment of hockey players in the GTA. She has also been on the WTA tour treating a top 10 professional tennis player.

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Hope Jervis Rademeyer 

Hope comes from Hamilton, Ontario after returning from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she lived for a number of years. She played competitive rugby and enjoyed refereeing at different levels as well. In Saskatchewan, she rediscovered her love for running. She has coached runners from 10k to marathon and has been a regular guest speaker at the Running Room since 2013. When she is not working as a Physiotherapist she enjoys running ultramarathons across Canada and the United States. Yes, she has run 100 miles.

Joshua Rago

Joshua was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario but has recently moved to the Hamilton area. Growing up he played elite level baseball and through to his university and college years. His passion for Baseball is present in his clinical focus of the treatment rotator cuff and shoulder injuries. As a Sport Registered Massage Therapist his greatest passion is providing care to those individuals who have experienced setbacks to any degree within their sport, discipline and daily life.


Dr. Scione has literally saved our family!

She started treating my daughters who are dancers and fixed things that no one else could. She gave them an injury prevention plan as well as treating the areas of concern. She explains everything both to me and to them in a way that they can understand and provides realistic solutions to prevention. Their dance success has a lot to do with flexibility and remaining injury free and that is all thanks to Dr Scione. She now treats five other members of my extended family who have had everything from running injuries to knee and hip replacements. I honestly can not say enough good things.


- T. Rix


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