Without a doubt sitting all day at a desk for 8+ hours/day in hip flexion tightens up your hip flexors. If you sit in hip flexion all day you can be assured that your hip extension movement will be decreased. Your body goes into hip extension in your stride with walking/running, squatting to pick something up off the floor, and dead lifting…just to name a few. A lack of hip extension is detrimental for a couple reasons:

Decreased hip extension leads to decreased stride when walking/running, resulting in low back pain

Decreased hip extension leads to suboptimal activation of gluten, resulting in low back pain


How can you prepare your body for physical activity to prevent low back pain?

1) Dynamic Warm-Up

2) Core Warm-up/Exercises

3) Glute Strengthening

4) Static Stretching

** All of these videos can be found under their respective channels under Rehab Videos **

Warm up your core! Your core is also inactive all day when you are sitting at your desk. It needs some love! The link below demonstrates McGill’s big 3 back exercises that everyone can benefit from to warm up.


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