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Dr. Amanda was born and raised in Ancaster Ontario where she developed an interest in athletics and wellness at a young age. In the early years she was a dancer but then traded in her ballet slippers for some basketball sneakers.  She played elite levels of basketball, soccer, and track. Her underlying passion for hockey is evident in her patient population as she takes a special interest in performance treatment of hockey players in the GTA. She has also been on the WTA tour treating a top 10 tennis professional tennis player.

She became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2014 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Prior to that she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University. Here she developed the strength and conditioning programs and was the student therapist to the Woman’s Varsity Soccer Team. She also has 12 years of experience as a personal trainer. As a result, exercise prescription is a large part of her treatment approach.

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Dr. Amanda Scione

Dr. Natasha was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She had a passion for health and fitness at a young age. At 16 she tore her ACL and medial meniscus playing soccer, exposing her to the rehabilitation world. After several months of therapy she grew an interest in human anatomy and physiology. 

She went on to obtain her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences at McMaster University in 2016. She volunteered her time at MacWheelers, a program to help rehabilitate patients with spinal cord injuries and knew her next steps would be in the direction of manual therapy. Dr. Natasha pursued her passion at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and became a Doctor of Chiropractic with Magna cum lauda honours in 2020. 

Dr. Natasha uses an evidence based approach to her care involving her clinical experiences, current research and patient preferences. Education and empowerment are a large part of her practice, which enables patients to reach their health and wellness goals. Dr. Natasha cannot wait to give back to the community that helped her become who she is today. 




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Dr. Adrienne Cascioli was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Growing up, she watched her family benefit from chiropractic care. She witnessed how manual therapy impacted her athletic performance and day to day functioning.  It was a combination of the help that she had received from chiropractic care, her passion for anatomy and science, and her love for helping others that led Dr. Adrienne to pursue a career in chiropractic.


Dr. Adrienne graduated from McMaster University with a Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology.  She then continued her education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where she obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. Additionally, Dr. Adrienne has completed continuing education in Neurofunctional Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University. She uses an evidence based patient specific approach to help her patients achieve optimal health, wellness, function, and well-being. 


Throughout her schooling and first year of practice, Dr. Adrienne noticed a gap in care for prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric populations which led her to more training in these areas. Dr. Adrienne leads post natal rehab sessions to help mothers heal their bodies after having babies. She believes that mothers deserve to feel empowered and strong in their bodies so that they can thrive in their roles, not just survive. With the pediatric population, Dr. Adrienne can assist with overall developmental milestones, improving latch and assisting with infant TMJD, body work for lip and tongue-tie, torticollis, plagiocephaly, as well as sensory and motor challenges.  While attending and later teaching at a local Montessori school, Dr. Adrienne gained appreciation for the Montessori approach and discovered how to utilize its methods while working with children.  She incorporates this pedagogy by encouraging self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play wherever possible. 

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Haley graduated from Western University receiving her Masters of Physical Therapy, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology (Honors Specialization). Growing up in Ancaster, Haley played competitive basketball for 12 years and elite soccer for 5 years before entering university, where she continued to play sports recreationally. She understands the impact an injury can have on elite athletes and how it can impede performance.


Haley creates individualized treatment plans for best care, and she values strong communication to help understand patient needs and concerns. She utilizes a variety of treatment techniques, such as hands-on manual therapy, patient education, acupuncture and exercise prescription, to help her patients attain their goals.


Haley is also a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and continues to expand her knowledge and skill set, to provide effective rehab treatment for her patients to help improve their quality of life. She encourages patients to take a role in optimizing their overall health and wellbeing, by emphasizing the  importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. In her spare time, Haley enjoys outdoor hikes, exploring new restaurants with friends, playing sports, and travelling overseas.

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Nevin was born and raised in Etobicoke, Ontario and moved to Hamilton several years ago. Nevin has always had a passion for the human body which began with his Degree in Kinesiology (Honours in Movement Science) from the University of Windsor. In 2010, Nevin completed the Registered Massage Therapy program at Kikkawa College in Toronto. Recently, he received his certificate in Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and became a Peer Assessor for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Nevin uses his massage therapy instructor experience to help guide his own practice. He is passionate about cupping and acupuncture and harmoniously incoprorates them into his practice. In his spare time, Nevin loves sports (especially hockey, golf and baseball), playing music and spending time with his growing family.

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Dr. Natasha Labana
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